Wounded Warriors

Disabled American Veterans - https://www.dav.org    (877) 426-2838  "DAV is a nonprofit charity that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families, helping more than 1 million veterans in positive, life-changing ways each year. Annually, the organization provides more than 240,000 rides to veterans attending medical appointments and assists veterans with well over 160,000 benefit claims. In 2020, DAV helped veterans receive more than $23 billion in earned benefits. DAV’s services are offered at no cost to all generations of veterans, their families and survivors.  DAV is also a leader in connecting veterans with meaningful employment, hosting job fairs and providing resources to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in the American Dream their sacrifices have made possible."

Hope For the Warriors -  https://www.hopeforthewarriors.org   (877)246-7349  “The Warrior Hope and Care Centers™ provide medical care, mental health counseling, professional training and education, physical conditioning and transition services for wounded, ill, and injured Marines and Sailors.  The concept for the Warrior Hope and Care Centers was conceived by Hope For The Warriors leadership after attending the ribbon cutting for the Center for the Intrepid (CFI) in San Antonio, Texas in 2007. It was the goal of Hope For The Warriors to provide Marines and Sailors based at Camp Lejeune the same quality care as those at CFI. Architectural plans for the Warrior Hope and Care Center were drawn and Hope For The Warriors donated those plans to the Marine Corps.”

Houses for Warriors - https://housesforwarriors.org   (303)357-1518   "Houses for Warriors strives to improve the quality of life for injured and homeless Veterans in need."  Safe and Affordable housing options, Special Adaptive Housing and ADA renovations for injured Veteran's homes, Transitional housing and Vocational Training in Construction Trades.

Green Beret Foundation -  https://greenberetfoundation.org   (844)287-7133  “The Green Beret Foundation serves our Nation’s most elite soldiers, the Army’s Special Forces, by connecting them with the physical, financial, and support resources they need to succeed in the mission ahead. We believe Special Forces soldiers are our Nation’s greatest assets. Every day, we honor our commitment to Green Berets past, present, future, as well as their families, by connecting them with the right resources to prosper and thrive. We’re relentless in helping our Nation’s most elite soldiers become our Nation’s best leaders.”

Semper Fi & Americas Fund https://thefund.org  (760)725-3680  “Semper Fi & America’s Fund is dedicated to providing assistance to our combat wounded, critically ill and inured service members, military family members, and Veterans, from all branches of the US Armed Forces.  Our case managers, visiting nurses, and entire team support those we serve by helping navigate complex medical and emotional recovery – today, tomorrow, together!” 

Marine Reconnaissance Foundation - https://reconfoundation.org  (808)351-1573  “The Marine Reconnaissance Foundation’s programs focus on alleviating the demands accompanying service within the Reconnaissance Community.  All supported initiatives are aimed to enrich the well-being of our warriors and their families.  We provide wide-ranging support programs, to include an extensive assessment of our programs contributing directly to the success and preservation of the Reconnaissance Legacy.  We continually research the community’s needs shaping our future program development and funding.  Our mission is implemented by way of support to the Active-Duty and Veteran Reconnaissance community, their families, and the families of the fallen in three programs.”  

Navy Seal Foundation https://www.navysealfoundation.org   (757)744-5326  “The Navy SEAL Foundation provides critical support for the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare.  Established in 2000, the Navy Seal Foundation (NSF) is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization that provides a comprehensive set of over 30 essential programs for Seals, SWCC, Veterans and their families.  We are there to help keep our warriors strong, healthy and in the fight.  We are there to help them transition to successful careers in the civilian sector.  We are there to help their families every step of the way.   And under the tragic circumstances that a member of NSW does not come home, we are there to assist as well.”

Paralyzed Veterans of America - https://pva.org   (800)424-8200   TTY  (800-795-4327  Advocacy and assistance for paralyzed Veterans with benefits, housing and adaptive vehicles.

Wounded Warrior Project - https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org   (877)832-6997   "WWP helping Veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound while serving in the military on or after September 11, 2001."     

https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/programs  Resource Center  (888)997-2586.

Wounded Warrior Family Support - https://www.wwfs.org   (402)502-7557   Caregiver Respite, Family Retreats, Veteran Training.  "Wounded Warriors Family Support is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations.   The families of our casualties suffer in many ways — emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Our organization supports wounded veterans and their families, even after physical needs are met, to help them heal, recover and reconnect. We work to provide services and resources to combat-wounded veterans and their families that supplement those provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies. We also work with military and nonprofit partners to identify and fill gaps in services for wounded veterans and their families. "