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American Bar Association -

Armed Forces Legal Assistance -

Gi Go Fund ~   “GI Go Fund was founded in 2006 in memory of Lt. Seth Dvorin, a childhood friend of the GI Go founders who was killed by an IED blast while serving in Iraq.   We provide employment assistance to veterans looking for work, housing and financial aid to veterans in their most desperate hour, as well as benefits assistance and legal support to military families struggling with civil or criminal matters. In addition, we are developing innovative programs to give veterans assistance in finding employment and developing a small business, transportation support, mentoring, job training, and much more. -

National Veterans Legal Service Program  -  The National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) is a national nonprofit organization that has worked since 1981 to ensure that the government delivers to our nation's 22 million veterans and active duty personnel the benefits to which they are entitled because of disabilities resulting from their military service to our country.

Stateside legal -

Veterans Legal Institute -  (714)852-3492 “Veterans Legal Institute® (VLI) provides pro bono legal assistance to homeless, at risk, disabled and low income current and former service members to eradicate barriers to housing, healthcare, education, and employment and foster self-sufficiency.’